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Becoming Light - Novella

A heartwarming best friend's dad romance

Length:  ~25,000 words

When people meet me, they see a bright faced, happy-go-lucky kindergarten teacher who will do anything to support his friends. Not everyone knows the struggle I’ve faced to become the man I am today. 

Now it’s finally time for the gender-affirming surgery I’ve been dreaming of for years. But when an emergency leaves me without a caretaker, the only person who can take me in is my best friend’s aloof, reclusive, and incredibly sexy dad. The one who has no bedside manner and struggles to communicate. The one I’ve had a crush on for years.

The deeper we see into each other’s worlds, the stronger the attraction gets. I’m not sure either of us can make it through the next four days without giving in.

Content advisory: This story contains references to dysphoria, transphobia/misgendering, grief, and mild medical descriptions of surgery and post-surgical recovery.

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