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Bad Dogs

A dark, kinky M/M Romance

Narrated by: Bryant Walker & Devon Ryder
Length: 8 hrs and 1 min
Release Date: 06/12/2023
Language: English

I see you, Roman. You want to fight me, and then you want to be so good for me.

We’re lost boys, wild and forgotten. Born into a world of poverty and crime, my two best friends and I have nothing to rely on except each other. But I have a plan: if I can film viral BDSM porn, I might rake in enough cash to get us out of this trailer park before we become another gang violence statistic. Kink is a rich man’s game—high-end clubs, dungeons full of toys—but maybe two dirt-poor boys with homemade gear can still compete.

First, I need a sub. I’m looking for someone perfect and obedient—until the new boy moves into town. He’s huge and silent and skittish, broken down by pain and loneliness. But when he’s cornered, he fights like an animal. An animal who desperately wants to be tamed. When I look into his eyes, the flash of submission I see there has me obsessed. When he kneels for me, both our broken worlds become whole.

Nobody believes that trailer park boys deserve a better life, that we can find happiness and build our own family. But we’re fighters, and together the four of us will find a way to be free.

An intense, emotional story about, resilience and trauma, kink, hurt/comfort, a smaller dom/larger sub, and found family. 

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