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Bad Dogs

A dark, kinky M/M Romance


Kink is a rich man’s game—high-end clubs, dungeons full of toys. I’m a dirt-poor trailer park boy who makes all his own gear. But I have a plan. If I can film viral BDSM porn, I can rake in enough cash to get my friends and I out of here before we become another gang violence statistic.

First, I need a sub, someone beautiful and obedient.
Anyone but the new boy that just moved into town.
He’s huge and feral and angry, he never speaks, and he’s living in the same house as a cop. He couldn’t be a worse choice. But when I look into his eyes, the flash of submission I see there has me obsessed.


I want him. And I, Scout Moreno, always get what I want.

An intense, emotional story full of hurt/comfort, a smaller dom and a larger sub, a main character who can't speak, and found family.

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