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And All Their Stars

A Jonah and Gray novella

We’re complete opposites, the sun and the moon, things that were never meant to touch.


Everything changed the day this brooding, high-powered lawyer found his forever in a scrappy farm boy from Iowa. Jonah’s my sun, the center of my orbit. Separately, we’re lost souls. Together, we make something unforgettable. 


I’ve planned out every single step of our happily-ever-after—a chance to start over in a new home and build a beautiful life together. Lazy early morning kisses, summer fairs and barbecues, our perfect daughter. Turns out, you can’t walk into the future without facing your past. The unexpected appearance of an orphaned boy brings back my oldest wounds. Jonah faces a choice between his identity and his family’s business. But no matter what comes, we’ll meet it together.


When our short-sighted plans fall apart, we realize the sun and moon are never alone; they exist in a universe of stars so much bigger and brighter and more chaotic than we could ever imagine.



This novella picks up right after the ending of Jonah and Gray's love story, Make Me Fall. To avoid spoilers and understand the characters and plot, please read Make Me Fall first!

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